Placing Your First Order

How do I place my order?

It’s easy! To place your first order simply enter your postcode in the box on our homepage ( and follow the instructions. It only takes 30 seconds to get set up, and say goodbye to laundry hassle forever!

Do I need to give you a list of the items I'm giving you?

There’s no need to tell us what you’re sending - when your items have been brought back to our headquarters and processed, we’ll send you a full breakdown of the order contents and pricing.

If there’s anything you’d like to let us know about, you can mention it in the “Special Instructions” box when you place your online order.

Do I need one of your blue bags to place my order?

No. For your first order, just put your items in any kind of bag, and make sure it is clearly marked with your name.

It’s best to use a disposable bag (e.g. supermarket carrier bag), as we can’t return packaging.

We’ll give you a personalised blue bag when the order is delivered back to you.

How long will my order take?

We will deliver a standard order 3 days after the day it’s placed (excluding Sundays). For example, an order placed on Monday will be delivered on Thursday. An order placed on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.

You can also choose Next-Day service (+£11.95) - if you place a Next-Day order before 9am, we’ll return it by 5pm the following day (again, excluding Sundays).

For more details, see our turnaround times table.

Please note that some services can take a little longer. For example, some alterations, repairs, shoe repairs and specialist cleaning processes may take a few extra days.

Where should I leave my clothes?

If your building has lockers: Lock your clothes in an available locker, and take the key (you’ll need a £1 coin, which you’ll get back when you pick up your items).

If your building is served through the concierge desk: Drop off your clothes with the concierge, in a bag clearly marked with your name.

How do I know if you serve my building?

We currently only serve certain buildings in London. To find out if we serve your building, check our postcode finder here.

If you get an error message, but you believe we do serve your building, please let us know - it may be that your postcode has not yet been added to our system.

If we don’t yet serve your building, but you’d like to use our services, please do get in touch, and we’ll see if we can set up the service for you in your apartment building or office building.

Do you offer a next day service?

Yes! If you place a Next-Day order before 9am, it will be due for delivery by 5pm the following day (excluding Sundays). There’s a £11.95 surcharge for Next-Day orders.

To place a Next-Day order, simply select the Next-Day Turnaround option when placing your online order, or text LAUNDRY ND to 60777. (If you’re using a locker, text LAUNDRY ND XXX, where XXX is your locker number).

Please note that it is not possible to process all items for Next-Day service. Items for repair, alteration, or specialist cleaning, shoe repairs and bulky bedding items are the most common exceptions to Next-Day service. If you have a query about a particular item, please let us know.

How do I order by SMS?

Once you've set up your LaundryRepublic account, you can place orders via SMS. Simply send a text to 60777 with the message LAUNDRY. 

If you're using one of our lockers, simply add the locker number after (e.g. LAUNDRY 247, if you put your clothes in locker 247). 

And you can upgrade to next day service (surcharge applies) by adding ND at the end (e.g. LAUNDRY ND).

I've only provided my postcode - do you need my full address?

We only need your postcode to know which building you’re in.

Your account will automatically be registered to that building’s collection and delivery point (at the concierge desk or through the lockers, depending on your building).

When should I collect my order?

We’ll let you know by SMS and e-mail when your order is ready to collect. You will need to collect your order within 3 days of notification.

How do I get my discount on my first order?

Simply enter the code LRFAQ25 in the voucher code box when you're placing your order - this will give you 25% off your first order. 

Please bear in mind that shoe repairs are not included, and the maximum discount is £25.00

How can I track the progress of my order?

We’ll email you at each stage of your order, to let you know (1) when the order has been placed, (2) when it's been picked up and processed at our headquarters, and (3) when it's been delivered. Or you can use our live tracking tool, here:

What happens to my clothes after you collect them?

Once our drivers have brought your clothes back to our headquarters, our experienced team will process them for cleaning, categorising items according to their cleaning requirements, referring to garment care labels to make sure all items are cleaned safely and appropriately. This is recorded on video, so that we always have an accurate record of exactly what you sent us.

If we notice any clothing in need of repairs, or if there’s anything we need to bring to your attention, we’ll contact you right away to discuss it further. We then send your order summary e-mail, containing an itemised breakdown of your order.

Once your clothes have been cleaned, they are checked by our quality control team and packaged up for delivery, with a personalised blue garment cover that doubles as a reusable laundry bag for your future orders. We’ll confirm delivery by SMS and e-mail.

What if I lose my blue bag?

No problem! If you have clothes you want us to collect, just put them in any kind of bag, clearly marked with your name, and request a new blue bag in the special instructions box when you place your online order. We’ll make sure to include one when your order is delivered back to you.

Will you collect from my apartment?

We do not currently make collections from individual apartments. Please leave your orders with your concierge, or in one of the LaundryRepublic lockers in your building.

Using Our Lockers

How do the lockers work?

When you have an order for collection, drop off your clothes in the locker, lock it, and take the key.

You can place an order online, selecting your locker number from the drop down list, or by SMS - simply send a text to 60777 reading LAUNDRY XXX (where XXX is your locker number)

You’ll need a £1 coin to secure a locker (you’ll get it back when you pick up your completed order).

Are my clothes secure in the locker?

Yes. Once you have taken your locker key, no-one else will have access to the locker until you pick up your completed order and release the locker.

What happens if I lose the key to the locker?

If you lose the key to your locker, just let us know, and we’ll organise a lock replacement, to make sure you can access your clothes.

Please be aware that there is a lost key charge of £20, due to the costs involved in the lock replacement.

Payments and Charges

How much will my order cost?

You can find our full list of prices here. Once we’ve collected your order our team will check your clothes and send you a full breakdown of the cost so there are no surprises. If you have any questions on pricing, please give us a call on 020 7193 3130 or email Please also be aware that our minimum order is £20 - you can place an order containing less than £20, and it will be rounded up to the £20 minimum.

Is there a minimum order size for wash and fold laundry loads?

Yes - the minimum order size is 4kg. Laundry loads are priced per kg, so a laundry load under the minimum size will be charged as a 4kg load.

Can I get my order back before I've paid? What will happen to it if I don't pay?

No, all orders must be paid in full before they can be returned. Unpaid orders will be stored for 3 months from the order's due date. Any order that remains unpaid for more than 3 months from its due date will be donated to charity.

Why do washable women's shirts/blouses cost more than men's shirts?

Industry standard pressing machines are designed for men’s shirts. Women’s shirts and blouses, which can differ in both size and design, can’t be pressed on these machines, so they must be pressed by hand, which is why they cost a bit more.

Can I pay for my order with cash or cheque?

Unfortunately we can’t take payment by cash or cheque at the moment. All our payments are processed online.

Is there a minimum charge per order?

Yes - the minimum order is £20.

Because of costs involved in collection, processing and delivery, we can’t process orders under this value, so orders under £20 will be subject to a minimum order supplement.

How do you take payment?

All payments are made online, through our secure payment handlers.

When you sign up, you can register an auto-payment method using a payment card. Once we’ve processed your order and sent you a confirmation of the pricing, your payment will then be processed automatically.

If you haven’t set up a payment method, we’ll send you a payment request e-mail alongside your order summary. Simply follow the link in the e-mail to make your online payment for the order

Why are some items more expensive than the standard pricing?

Some items require special care and attention to make sure they are cleaned safely and appropriately, which means they take more time and expertise to process. This can include fragile or embellished.

Is there a pick up or delivery fee?

No. Collection and delivery are free of charge, but your order is subject to a minimum value of £20

Our Cleaning Methods

How will you know how to clean my clothes?

Our highly trained processing team carefully sort through all of your clothes, checking the manufacturer’s care labels to ensure your items are cleaned in the safest and most suitable way.

If we need to check anything with you, or if there might be any risk to your clothing, we’ll contact you to discuss this before proceeding.

Do you use environmentally sustainable cleaning methods?

Yes! We’re proud to use Miele’s cutting-edge WetCare system as an alternative to traditional dry cleaning wherever possible - it’s much less harmful than the chemically intensive perchloroethylene cleaning used by most traditional dry cleaners.

As part of our sustainability policy, we also use biodegradable plastic packaging, and we will always be happy to collect any spare hangers for reuse.

I only want my garment repaired, not cleaned. How do I arrange this?

Simple! Just describe the repair in the Special Instructions box when you place your online order, and if you don’t want it cleaned, state that the item is for “repair only”.

If you’d like us to clean the item as well, you don’t need to mention it - we’ll clean anything you send to us by default, even if it’s for repair, unless stated otherwise.

Do you offer tailoring services?

Our experienced tailor offers a full range of repair and alteration services, so we can carry out most tailoring. Please let us know if you have a question about a particular item you’d like to have tailored.

Will you take my old hangers?

Yes! We’re very happy to recycle hangers - just include them alongside your next order, in a separate bag to make sure they don’t snag on any of your clothes.

Do you clean rugs?

We offer a cleaning service for many kinds of rug, although some rugs use an adhesive that is not suitable for our cleaning processes. We will always be happy to collect your rug and review it in person - if we can clean it, we’ll quote a price, and if not, we’ll simply return it to you without charge.

What services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of laundry, cleaning, and tailoring services, as well as shoe repairs.

Our primary cleaning service is Miele WetCare, a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning, although we do also have dry cleaning facilities (using a non-harmful cleaning solvent, rather than traditional dry cleaning solvents) for clothes that need it.

We also offer specialist cleaning services for leather and suede, as well as delicate cleaning for embellished or fragile items.

Our shirt service (men’s and women’s) includes laundering and pressing for shirts. Shirts are returned hanging by default, but we can also return shirts folded on request (please see our price list for details).

Our experienced tailor and our shoe repair specialist can carry out most repairs and alterations you might require. Please contact us for a quote if you don’t see your repair or alteration included on our price list.

Can you clean leather and suede?

Almost always!

Our team is trained in specialist leather and suede cleaning, to ensure the best possible care for your garments. Specialist leather cleaning does cost a bit more than standard cleaning - we’ll always be happy to provide a quote before cleaning, once we’ve reviewed the items in person.

In the unusual event that we aren’t able to clean your leather or suede item, we’ll return it to you without charge. Please note that we can’t offer cleaning services for shoes.

Can you get a stain out for me?

We’re always happy to treat stains at no extra charge. We can’t guarantee to remove all stains, but our skilled spotters use a full range stain treatment techniques to make sure they’re treated as thoroughly as possible.

If you’d like to bring any particular stains to our attention, please mention them in the special instructions, and we’ll be sure to give them our fullest attention.

Do you clean wedding dresses?

We offer a cleaning service for most wedding dresses. The price for this service is variable, as wedding dresses vary extremely widely in material, design, embellishments, and other factors that affect the cleaning requirements. We’ll always be happy to collect your wedding dress and give you a quote for cleaning. If you’re happy with the quote, great - if not, we’ll return the dress without charge.

How do you tag my clothes?

We tag your clothes using very small (1cm x 2cm) 2D barcode tags. They are attached to your clothes using heat-seal technology in a discreet location that’s invisible when you wear them. They remain attached to your garments between orders, so there’s no hassle and time spent removing annoying safety pins when you get your clothes back. And because there are no pin holes, they’re better for your clothes.

Can you clean curtains, rugs, and other items not listed in your prices?

Usually, yes. Most curtains can be cleaned, as can many small and medium sized rugs as long as they are of a woven construction (not glued). You're always welcome to send any unlisted items in for a quote; if we can't clean it or you're not happy with the quote we will return your item with no charges.

Contact and Complaints

How can I contact you?

You can reach our friendly customer service team by telephone, on 0207 193 3130, or by e-mail, at We’ll be happy to answer any queries!

What should I do if there's a problem with my order?

In the unusual event that something goes wrong or if you encounter any problems, please let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll work hard to resolve the issue for you right away.

If there’s a problem with a garment, we may ask you to return it to us for review. We take great pride in our customer service commitment, and we will make sure we do everything we can to resolve any issues to your full satisfaction as quickly as possible.

What are your telephone support hours?

Our customer service line is currently open 8.30am-5.00pm, Monday-Friday. You can reach us on 0207 193 3130.

Outside these hours, you can leave a voicemail message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at

I need to cancel my order - how can I do that?

Just let us know by phone (0207 193 3130) or e-mail (, and as long as the order hasn’t already been picked up and processed, you won’t be charged anything for a cancelled order.