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COVID-19 update Wed 4th Aug: We are open for orders - Contact-free by design - New ozone cleaning tech ensures high-grade disinfection of textiles

Ozone disinfection technology:
Kills germs, kind to clothes

LaundryRepublic uses cutting-edge ozone laundry technology to powerfully disinfect clothing and linens, while saving energy and water.
Ozone is directly injected into the water supply feeding our washers, resulting in effective sanitization at low, garment-safe temperatures.

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Kills viruses and bacteria

Ozone water treatment has been scientifically proven to kill viruses, bacteria and other pathogens

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Kind to clothes

Ozonated water disinfects at low temperatures, making it suitable for use with delicate garments

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Better for the environment

Lower temperatures means significantly less energy usage, reducing carbon emissions

Ozone vs Coronavirus

‘Ozone is very effective at inactivating viruses, especially enveloped viruses like the SARS-CoV-2’ Dr. Paul Meechan, former Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ozone has been scientifically proven to inactivate viruses, including enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses. Ozone works by destroying the outer shell of the virus and damaging its RNA core.

Ozonated water is already in use to combat Covid-19 across the world; for example, in Singapore’s Changi airport it has been introduced to disinfect surfaces in public areas.

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Kinder to clothes than other forms of disinfectant

Traditional disinfection methods use either high temperatures (65°C +) or harsh chlorine-based chemicals. While suitable for hospital linens, these methods would damage many personal laundry items.

In contrast, ozone is colour-safe and works most effectively at inlet (i.e. cold) water temperatures, which means we can provide high-grade disinfection that is suitable even for delicate garments.

Ozone requires less energy and water, and generates fewer microfibres

In addition to powerful disinfection, ozone provides great cleaning quality at low temperatures using less detergent. Lower temperatures = less energy usage, and because less detergent is required, less water is needed in the rinse.

Ozone also significantly reduces the volume of microfibres shed by garments during the cleaning process, which would typically be flushed down the drain and end up in the oceans. This also increases your garments’ lifespan.

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