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LaundryRepublic - lockers in your building for your laundry and dry cleaning

LaundryRepublic already serves 6,000 residential and commercial units in central London, and our award-winning service is growing fast. We work with some of London's largest and most innovative property managers, landlords and employers.


LaundryRepublic lockers in action

LaundryRepublic lockers in useBenefits:



  • Add value to your property - LaundryRepublic is a superb residents’ amenity that you can use to help market your property and grow yields. Add one of the key benefits of a concierge service with none of the cost or risk associated with staff handling residents' clothes.


  • Attract the best tenants - typical LaundryRepublic customers are high-income professionals, so our service attracts desirable, low hassle tenants to your property


  • Differentiate your services - Offering LaundryRepublic as a part of their suite of services helps the property managers we work with to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace


  • Offer employees a convenient service - provide your staff with a time-saving, high quality laundry and dry cleaning service


LaundryRepublic's convenient, professional dry cleaning, laundry, and shoe repair service has won awards and attracted significant interest in the media. Our smart, secure lockers sit in residential blocks and offices across London. Find out how our service works.


Bringing the LaundryRepublic service to your building costs you absolutely nothing and is hassle-free. We install, maintain and clean our lockers. And an entire building can be served with relatively few lockers - we estimate around one locker per 20 apartments.


LaundryRepublic is...


  • Safe – we've worked with the London Fire Brigade to ensure our lockers adhere to all fire safety rules. Our lockers are stable, freestanding, and not subject to building regulations


  • Smart – our lockers are custom-designed and built from high-grade steel with a powder finish to guarantee a high quality look and feel. They're available in several colours (including white and silver) to fit seamlessly with building decor


  • No Hassle – we install and maintain the lockers ourselves free of charge, ensuring they look smart and tidy at all times


What building managers say:


"I would be happy to provide a reference to anyone that is looking to take on your services in their building. The main points that I would like to make about your service are as follows:

1. You offer a high quality, useful amenity to our tenants at Southbank House. The lockers look nice and are always kept looking presentable. The service is provided by you at no cost to us and is completely hassle free.

2. You and the team at LaundryRepublic are always professional, easy to deal with and responsive. We’ve not had any problems and you have been very accommodating with regard to the location of your lockers in the building.

3. I would have no problem with recommending your dry cleaning locker service to other buildings and am happy for you to pass my comments on to anyone else who may be considering it."

L. Mercieca, Building Manager, Vauxhall


"LaundryRepublic allows us to offer a really valuable, convenient service to our residents. The lockers look really smart and are kept clean and neat at all times. Their team is professional and reliable, and have provided their service with a minimum of effort for me and my staff. The residents of the building are also very happy with the results and I am delighted to recommend LaundryRepublic and their excellent product."

V. Uriarte, Building Manager, Holborn


Bring LaundryRepublic to your building or office

Bringing LaundryRepublic to your building or office is simple: just get in touch and we'll install the service, for free, at a time of your choosing. If you are responsible for a block of 20+ flats or an office of 100+ people, and you’d like our lockers installed in your building, or if you’d just like to find out a bit more about the service, we’d love to hear from you.

By email:

By phone: 0207 1933 130