LaundryRepublic Environmental Policy


LaundryRepublic believes that clean and green go hand in hand. The environmental impact of our business is a key consideration when developing our strategy and business activities.

Our environmental policy has been developed alongside the Ecovate Team at the University of Middlesex. We are grateful for all their help and advice.

To provide an environmentally friendly dry cleaning service, the key objectives of our strategy are:

• Minimising waste by encouraging reuse and recycling – within our business activities and amongst our suppliers and clients

• Minimising CO2 emissions through the selection of our transport fleet, efficient route planning and regular maintenance of our vehicles

• Ensuring our suppliers comply with all relevant environmental legislation, with preference given to suppliers and contractors with higher environmental performance

• Working actively with suppliers to help them reduce their environmental impact by encouraging them to adopt more efficient technologies and processes that minimize the use of resources

• Sourcing products and services with minimal environmental impact over their life cycle.

• Communicating our environmental commitment to clients, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders and encouraging them to support it

We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance, periodically reviewing our environmental policy and setting targets for ongoing improvements. In the near future, we aim to be a carbon neutral dry cleaner, using an accredited program to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities.